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The Mississippi Athletic Commission consists of a panel of board members which have all been appointed by Governor Haley Barbour.    These board members work very closely together to sanction and regulate all boxing, mixed martial arts, wrestling and all contact fights that take place in the State of Mississippi.  It is their mission and goal to maintain the integrity of these sports and to protect the reputation that this commission has worked so hard to achieve.

Jon Lewis, Chairman
Jon Lewis was appointed Chairman of the Mississippi Athletic Commission in 2004 by Governor Haley Barbour.  The Chairman serves as the Executive Director of the Commission.  Throughout his career, he has been both a competitor in MMA and Toughman Contests, as well as a trainer, matchmaker and owner/instructor of Southern Judo & Jujitsu Academy and Byram Boxing Academy.   Jon also holds a bachelor's degree in business from Mississippi College.

Eddie Payton
Eddie Payton was appointed as a board member by Governor Haley Barbour in 2006.  He is the head golf coach for Jackson State University.  Eddie played in the NFL for 5 years.  He is the older brother of Walter Payton, NFL superstar.

Larry Torgerson
Larry Torgerson was appointed as a board member by Governor Haley Barbour in 2005.  He is employed by New South Communications  in Meridian, MS.  He also attended the University of Mississippi where he played college football.

Deputy Commissioners 

Patrick Turner
Pat Buchanan
Jack Curtis
Frank Cornacchione
Houston Dorr
Effrem Goodman
Perkeith Clayborn
Sammy Hall
David Hodge
Bob Hutto
Karen Ingle
Warren Miguez
Ernie Wilson
Dawne Sims
William "Dub" Sims 

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